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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

Which is the better test for you?
Redesigned SAT The Single Step Approach ACT
Without a sentence completion section, SAT Reading is now similar to the ACT except for questions in reference to an informational graphic.
Single Step teaches an active reading methodology that emphasizes main idea recognition and question type identification. Method is effective for both tests.
ACT Reading, although similar to SAT Reading, actually offers a little less time to read passages and answer questions.
Now known as the Writing and Language section, it replicates the ACT English test. This section's score wil be combined with your Reading score. No longer are Reading and Writing separate scores.
Single Step teaches students the top 10 grammar, punctuation and style issues that dominate both tests.
Known as the English section of the ACT, this score contributes to your overall score and an English subscore. Editing passages for grammar, punctuation, and style is the emphasis.
The redesigned Math section asks students to solve multi step problems of which there is a greater emphasis on Algebra with some Trigonometry.
Single Step instructs students on how to attack the multi step problems of the redesigned SAT, and for the ACT, shifts its instruction toward the greater emphasis on Geometry.
ACT Math offers more straightforward questions with a greater emphasis on Geometry with some Trigonometry.
There is no Science section on this test, but there are Science related passages in the Reading section.
Single Step uses a high school science teacher with a Masters degree to show students how to navigate this part of the ACT.
Science is a section on the ACT that contributes to the overall score and also a separate subscore.
The Essay section is now optional.
Because the Essay sections are optional, Single Step bypasses instruction in this area.
Like the redesigned SAT, the ACT Essay is optional.

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